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Go Make Someone Smile Gift Card

Go Make Someone Smile Gift Card

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We love when we get to witness first hand peoples amazing hearts. Whether it’s someone buying a person a shirt that might not be able to afford it or just someone who loves this community and wants to give away a few hats. It always warms my heart to watch!

So I wanted to provide a way that people didn’t have to give out personal information (sizes, address, etc). Because sometimes it can cause us worry to give out our home address or make us anxious to tell someone what size clothes we wear.

Now you can purchase a virtual gift card to send to someone and THEY GET TO GO SHOPPING!!! When you purchase a gift card you receive an email with a unique code. You can send that code to whomever it is you wish to do something kind for. They get to visit the website and pick out what they want. Everyone is happy!


All our love,


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